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1st 00:34ATLShotNik Antropov Backhand
1st 01:19PHIHitMike Richards hit Colby Armstrong
1st 02:04ATLGoalRon Hainsey (5) Wrist Shot, assists: Clarke MacArthur (17), Rich Peverley (31)
1st 03:04ATLHitMark Popovic hit Darroll Powe
1st 03:22ATLShotNiclas Bergfors Wrist Shot
1st 03:30PHIShotDarroll Powe Snap Shot
1st 03:46PHIShotKimmo Timonen Slap Shot
1st 04:20ATLShotPavel Kubina Snap Shot
1st 04:57PHIShotJeff Carter Tip-In
1st 05:00ATLHitJohnny Oduya hit Scott Hartnell
1st 05:12ATLHitBryan Little hit Kimmo Timonen
1st 05:21ATLHitBryan Little hit Kimmo Timonen
1st 05:31PHIShotJeff Carter Snap Shot
1st 05:51PHIHitMatthew Carle hit Eric Boulton
1st 06:04PHIShotMatthew Carle Snap Shot
1st 06:38ATLShotMaxim Afinogenov Snap Shot
1st 07:00PHIShotDaniel Carcillo Wrist Shot
1st 07:19ATLShotMark Popovic Snap Shot
1st 09:00PHIShotOskars Bartulis Backhand
1st 09:39ATLHitZach Bogosian hit Simon Gagne
1st 09:50PHIHitMike Richards hit Johnny Oduya
1st 10:16ATLHitZach Bogosian hit Ian Laperriere
1st 10:46PHIShotDaniel Carcillo Backhand
1st 11:01ATLGoalTodd White (7) Snap Shot, assists: Jim Slater (6), Ron Hainsey (17)
1st 11:44ATLShotBryan Little Slap Shot
1st 13:17PHIHitIan Laperriere hit Toby Enstrom
1st 13:34PHIShotDarroll Powe Wrist Shot
1st 13:52PHIHitClaude Giroux hit Johnny Oduya
1st 14:00ATLShotRich Peverley Slap Shot
1st 14:18ATLShotJohnny Oduya Slap Shot
1st 14:37PHIHitScott Hartnell hit Johnny Oduya
1st 14:45PHIHitScott Hartnell hit Pavel Kubina
1st 15:56ATLHitMarty Reasoner hit Oskars Bartulis
1st 16:03PHIShotDaniel Briere Slap Shot
1st 16:13PHIHitMike Richards hit Toby Enstrom
1st 17:04PHIShotDaniel Carcillo Backhand
1st 17:04ATLPenaltyMaxim Afinogenov Hooking against Daniel Carcillo
1st 18:13PHIShotDaniel Briere Wrist Shot
1st 18:25PHIShotDaniel Briere Wrist Shot
1st 18:45PHIShotSimon Gagne Wrist Shot
1st 18:58ATLPenaltyRich Peverley Tripping against Mike Richards
1st 19:04PHIShotKimmo Timonen Wrist Shot
1st 19:53PHIHitMike Richards hit Colby Armstrong
1st 19:58PHIShotKimmo Timonen Slap Shot
2nd 00:52PHIHitMike Richards hit Colby Armstrong
2nd 01:18ATLShotToby Enstrom Wrist Shot
2nd 01:44PHIHitDaniel Carcillo hit Rich Peverley
2nd 01:54PHIPenaltyBlair Betts Boarding against Clarke MacArthur
2nd 02:28ATLShotPavel Kubina Snap Shot
2nd 03:58PHIShotSimon Gagne Snap Shot
2nd 04:06ATLShotClarke MacArthur Slap Shot
2nd 04:28PHIShotJeff Carter Slap Shot
2nd 04:41PHIShotDarroll Powe Deflected
2nd 05:09PHIShotRyan Parent Snap Shot
2nd 05:10PHIShotDarroll Powe Wrist Shot
2nd 05:28ATLShotMarty Reasoner Snap Shot
2nd 06:42ATLShotPavel Kubina Slap Shot
2nd 07:05PHIPenaltyDaniel Briere Hooking against Rich Peverley
2nd 07:18ATLShotRon Hainsey Snap Shot
2nd 07:45ATLShotRon Hainsey Slap Shot
2nd 08:35PHIShotBraydon Coburn Slap Shot
2nd 09:02ATLShotRich Peverley Snap Shot
2nd 09:31PHIHitMike Richards hit Pavel Kubina
2nd 09:47ATLHitJim Slater hit Oskars Bartulis
2nd 10:17ATLHitEvgeny Artyukhin hit Scott Hartnell
2nd 10:30ATLShotEric Boulton Snap Shot
2nd 11:02ATLHitEvgeny Artyukhin hit Ryan Parent
2nd 12:27PHIHitDaniel Carcillo hit Toby Enstrom
2nd 12:54ATLHitPavel Kubina hit Claude Giroux
2nd 13:05PHIShotKimmo Timonen Slap Shot
2nd 13:33ATLHitEric Boulton hit Oskars Bartulis
2nd 13:47ATLShotEvgeny Artyukhin Backhand
2nd 14:01ATLHitEric Boulton hit Ryan Parent
2nd 14:06PHIShotSimon Gagne Wrist Shot
2nd 14:13PHIShotSimon Gagne Tip-In
2nd 14:20ATLHitEvgeny Artyukhin hit Kimmo Timonen
2nd 15:37PHIShotDarroll Powe Slap Shot
2nd 16:29PHIShotClaude Giroux Wrist Shot
2nd 16:30PHIShotClaude Giroux Backhand
2nd 16:36ATLHitRich Peverley hit Daniel Carcillo
2nd 16:54ATLShotPavel Kubina Snap Shot
2nd 17:05ATLHitEvgeny Artyukhin hit Ryan Parent
2nd 17:23ATLPenaltyEric Boulton Interference against Mike Richards
2nd 17:49PHIShotScott Hartnell Backhand
2nd 17:53PHIShotChris Pronger Snap Shot
2nd 18:18PHIShotSimon Gagne Wrist Shot
2nd 18:19PHIShotSimon Gagne Wrist Shot
2nd 18:33PHIShotClaude Giroux Deflected
2nd 19:16PHIShotJeff Carter Wrist Shot
2nd 19:38ATLHitJohnny Oduya hit Jeff Carter
2nd 19:45PHIShotJeff Carter Deflected
2nd 19:56ATLHitPavel Kubina hit Simon Gagne
3rd 02:04PHIHitRyan Parent hit Bryan Little
3rd 03:00ATLShotEvgeny Artyukhin Backhand
3rd 03:02PHIHitChris Pronger hit Evgeny Artyukhin
3rd 03:34ATLShotMaxim Afinogenov Wrist Shot
3rd 04:00ATLPenaltyJim Slater Fighting against Scott Hartnell
3rd 04:00PHIPenaltyScott Hartnell Fighting against Jim Slater
3rd 04:42ATLShotRon Hainsey Wrist Shot
3rd 05:02PHIHitArron Asham hit Bryan Little
3rd 05:05PHIPenaltyArron Asham Hi-sticking against Bryan Little
3rd 05:45ATLShotMaxim Afinogenov Snap Shot
3rd 06:05ATLShotPavel Kubina Snap Shot
3rd 06:33PHIHitIan Laperriere hit Bryan Little
3rd 06:39ATLShotZach Bogosian Snap Shot
3rd 07:13PHIHitOskars Bartulis hit Clarke MacArthur
3rd 07:20ATLShotMark Popovic Wrist Shot
3rd 07:49PHIHitOskars Bartulis hit Colby Armstrong
3rd 08:47PHIShotChris Pronger Snap Shot
3rd 09:07PHIHitSimon Gagne hit Pavel Kubina
3rd 09:26ATLHitNik Antropov hit Matthew Carle
3rd 09:29PHIHitDaniel Carcillo hit Nik Antropov
3rd 10:16PHIShotJames van Riemsdyk Snap Shot
3rd 10:23ATLShotJim Slater Snap Shot
3rd 10:25PHIHitBraydon Coburn hit Jim Slater
3rd 10:49PHIShotChris Pronger Slap Shot
3rd 11:20ATLHitPavel Kubina hit Mike Richards
3rd 11:35PHIShotSimon Gagne Wrist Shot
3rd 11:56PHIGoalMike Richards (28) Wrist Shot, assists: Matthew Carle (27)
3rd 12:05PHIHitIan Laperriere hit Niclas Bergfors
3rd 12:53ATLHitBryan Little hit Matthew Carle
3rd 12:59PHIShotBraydon Coburn Snap Shot
3rd 13:39PHIHitOskars Bartulis hit Jim Slater
3rd 13:59PHIHitDaniel Carcillo hit Johnny Oduya
3rd 14:28ATLShotRon Hainsey Snap Shot
3rd 14:52PHIHitBraydon Coburn hit Clarke MacArthur
3rd 15:16PHIShotArron Asham Backhand
3rd 15:26ATLHitZach Bogosian hit Kimmo Timonen
3rd 15:32ATLHitZach Bogosian hit Jeff Carter
3rd 16:35PHIShotSimon Gagne Wrist Shot
3rd 16:36PHIShotDaniel Briere Wrist Shot
3rd 16:53ATLGoalRich Peverley (20) Snap Shot, assists: Ron Hainsey (18)
3rd 17:27PHIShotMatthew Carle Wrist Shot
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3M. PopovicD0002014:54
4Z. BogosianD0001016:17
6R. HainseyD1235022:08
10B. LittleC0021015:11
12T. WhiteC1011015:05
18N. BergforsR00-11017:23
19M. ReasonerC00-11011:53
20C. ArmstrongR0010016:11
23J. SlaterC0111512:58
29J. OduyaD0031022:11
36E. BoultonL000128:32
39T. EnstromD00-11020:51
41C. MacArthurL0121016:26
47R. PeverleyC1123216:42
61M. AfinogenovR0003217:58
76E. ArtyukhinR00-1208:01
77P. KubinaD00-15023:39
80N. AntropovC0001017:55
31O. Pavelec4445.97859:45
3O. BartulisD0001014:12
5B. CoburnD00-22020:30
11B. BettsC000029:50
12S. GagneL0008020:06
13D. CarcilloL0003014:44
14I. LaperriereR0000012:22
17J. CarterC00-25019:52
18M. RichardsC1001021:46
19S. HartnellL00-21515:36
20C. ProngerD0003025:43
21J. van RiemsdykL000108:51
25M. CarleD0102023:10
28C. GirouxC00-13015:37
36D. PoweC000508:58
44K. TimonenD00-14023:00
45A. AshamR000129:11
48D. BriereC00-14219:05
77R. ParentD00-11013:23
33B. Boucher2831.90358:04
scoring summary
1st Period
02:04ATL Ron Hainsey (5) ASST: Clarke MacArthur (17), Rich Peverley (32) 1 - 0 ATL
11:01ATL Todd White (7) ASST: Jim Slater (6), Ron Hainsey (18) 2 - 0 ATL
2nd Period
3rd Period
11:56PHI Mike Richards (28) ASST: Matthew Carle (28) 2 - 1 ATL
16:53ATL Rich Peverley (20) ASST: Ron Hainsey (19) 3 - 1 ATL
penalty summary
1st Period
17:04ATL Maxim Afinogenov  Hooking against  Daniel Carcillo
18:58ATL Rich Peverley  Tripping against  Mike Richards
2nd Period
01:54PHI Blair Betts  Boarding against  Clarke MacArthur
07:05PHI Daniel Briere  Hooking against  Rich Peverley
17:23ATL Eric Boulton  Interference against  Mike Richards
3rd Period
04:00ATL Jim Slater  Fighting (maj) against  Scott Hartnell
04:00PHI Scott Hartnell  Fighting (maj) against  Jim Slater
05:05PHI Arron Asham  Hi-sticking against  Bryan Little
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays0/30/3
Faceoff Wins2435
Blocked Shots228
Penalty Minutes1111
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