RESULTS: Rinaldo wins Best Hit of 2013-14

Rinaldo's crushing hit on Kyle Clifford advances to the Final Four

Sunday, 08.10.2014 / 10:20 AM

RESULTS:  Zac Rinaldo's crushing hit on Kyle Clifford earns a spot in the Final Four of the Flyers Highlight of the Year Tournament.

With over a thousands votes cast, almost 70 percent of fans chose this hit, where in his second game back from injury, Rinaldo lays out 6'2'', 210-lb Kings' forward Kyle Clifford, with just over two minutes into the opening period. The Flyers would go on to take the game, 2-0, and earn their fourth victory out of five games in the last nine years in LA (4-0-1).

Rinaldo's hit will join against Giroux's 'Best Hit' and Mason's 'Best Save' in the tournament semifinals to determine who moves on in the 2013-14 Play of the Year Tournament.

Check out the winning hit for yourself...


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