North American Skater
HEIGHT: 6' 0"
BIRTHDATE: August 22, 1991
HOMETOWN: Saskatoon
BORN IN: Saskatoon, SK, CAN
On his style of play: I like my style of play. It's kind of a two-way forward. I like to take care of the D zone as well. I like to put pucks in the net. At the same time I like to play the physical role and throw my weight around.

On patterning his game after Jarome Iginla:
I guess I try to play a little bit like Jarome Iginla, the two-way forward, more power forward. He can play both ends of the ice.

On his Brandon linemates Scott Glennie and Matt Calvert:
It's been unbelievable playing with (Glennie) and (Calvert). Those are two guys you want to play with. Both very gifted. I enjoy playing with them.

On getting his start in hockey:
Growing up, my brother was a couple years older than me, just seeing him play. My dad started the backyard rink. I guess it took off from there.

On the neighborhood backyard rinks: When we were younger, first it was just me and my brother, growing up on the backyard rink, we did that every day after school. Even when we were younger before school, we started doing that. As we grew older, our backyard was a little too small. We went down the street to Jimmy Bubnick's house. They had a big backyard. There was a nice rink there. Me and my brother and Bubnick, a couple of neighborhood buddies, pretty much got together every day, every night, went out and played hockey on the backyard rink.

On following in the footsteps of his older brother Luke:
It's a little bit of an advantage for me, him going through the same things I'm going through now. He's always giving me tips. When we were younger, we always competed against each other, pushed each other, made each other better. When he comes back home, we work out together. We play three-on-three summer hockey together. We spend a lot of time together, we like to hang out.

On sibling rivalry and competing with each other:
No bets or anything like that. But I think the thing that did make us better was competing against each other. We were always trying to push each other, make each other better. I think that's helped us along the way.

On his childhood hockey idols: Actually, growing up, when the World Juniors were going on, we always had the backyard rink. We always wanted to be the World Junior players, me and my brother. NHL-wise, growing up, my favorite was Pavel Bure when he was playing. I think I always wanted to be like him.

On playing for Team Canada at the Under-18 World Championship:
It's just an honor to be able to represent your country in a national tournament, or international tournament. Anytime you throw on that Canadian jersey, it's just an honor. I'm sure any kid would like to do it.

On his favorite team growing up: Growing up in western Canada, there was a lot of Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oiler games on. Also on Saturday night, the Toronto Maple Leafs. Those three teams, I always watched them and kind of always rooted for them.

On knowing he wanted to be a hockey player:
I guess as you keep playing more, you see the potential, where things can take you. That's where I realized that I wanted to take hockey as far as I can go. I'm just going to keep pushing myself and see where it takes me.

On his thoughts about the Draft in June: I still have a long second half of the season. I have to keep getting better day to day. Obviously the draft's going to be in the back of your mind. But you just have to worry about getting better day to day. That’s it.

On his where to find him off the ice:
Well, in the wintertime, hanging out with my teammates. Since we live in Brandon, it not a big city, so play a lot of XBOX. We're big gamers in Brandon -- NHL 09 or Call of Duty.

On playing as his brother in NHL ‘09: Actually in my dynasty, I'm the Toronto Maple Leafs. Made a couple trades. I'm sticking with them.